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Bored? Activity Sheets for Kids

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In case you or your kids are bored at home while we are all social distancing due to the coronavirus, I will be periodically posting some activity sheets here that are just for fun. Stay healthy!

P.S. - I've heard that these are also great for the waiting room :)

Eye Dogtor Julie, coloring sheet, color,
Eye Dogtor Julie,, eye, eye anatomy, social distancing, learning

Activity Sheet #3: Eye Anatomy Word Scramble 

Eye Dogtor Julie; word scramble;

Parents, here's a good reference that was created by the American Academy of Ophthalmology if your kids are interested in learning what all these new vocabulary words are:

Eye Dogtor Julie; ; labryinth; maze; dizziness; vertigo; nystagmus
Eye Dogtor Julie, vision card,

Activity Sheet #6: Handwriting Practice for Kids

I claim no authorship of any of these eye jokes :)

Eye Dogtor Julie;; eye jokes; corny jokes; eye puns